Hello In this Gig I am offering a FTMO challenge trading to pass all phases and to youto advance on the funded account you choose. the profit sharing of FTMO and you is 30/70, you will gain 70% profit of your funded accountweather its a $25k, $50k, or $100k account on FTMO.Im here to help you succeed in trading. My mode of pay is per hour because we can complete the challenge in two weeks or. Take your time, aim for 2-3% a week. pick one session and only trade that. 1-2 pairs. and 1% risk per trade and do not go over that. Lastly do not force anything. the fastest way to fail in these markets is to rush yourself. ... Strategy to pass ftmo. redragon k631 castor review. Online Shopping: dark web wifi hacker apk sexy lesbian wife. Challenge pay for the challenge then send the login credentials Review the work, release payment, and leave feedback to Mehdi. What if I'm not happy with the work? Select service tier Compare tiers Starter $345 Advanced $540 Delivery Time 29 days Investment Portfolio Review 29 days delivery — Oct 7, 2022 Revisions may occur after this date.

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